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Breakthrough in IVF success with EmbryoScope+™ IDAScore® technology

Published on 3 January 2023

Aevitas is excited to introduce the new state of the art EmbryoScope+™ with IDAScore® technology available to our patients from mid-January 2023.

Aevitas' embryologists with the Vitrolife EmbryScope+

Vitrolife EmbryoScope+™ with IDAScore® combines undisturbed embryo monitoring with artificial intelligence. This innovation in the field of fertility treatment provides our expert team with an embryo ranking, indicating the optimal embryo for transfer.

It’s exciting to be able to introduce this ground-breaking artificial intelligence embryo selection technology to our patients.”  says Greg Tinney-Crook (Aevitas' Laboratory Director).

In vitro fertilisation is the process whereby eggs from the female are fertilised with sperm from the male in a petri dish, producing embryos in this way.  The embryos are incubated for approximately 5 days before the embryos are transferred to the mother’s womb.

The EmbryoScope+™ is an incubator which keeps embryos in a stable undisturbed environment throughout its development. The EmbryoScope+ takes monitoring images every 10 minutes for observation. Embryo development images are then collated into a stop motion video for embryologist to review. Based on global collective data on embryo development, IDAScore® technology uses artificial intelligence to rank the embryos. This empowers embryologists to select the optimal embryo for transfer. Furthermore, IDAScore® ranking is highly correlated to improved implantation rates and live birth rates. 

Although the EmbryoScope itself is not new technology, the artificial intelligence and IDAScore technology combined with the EmbryoScope is a new development, resulting in the improved embryo selection. 

We are acutely aware that the spark of life is not something we control,” says Greg Tinney Crook, “By using the best possible technology and science available, along with the extensive training and experience of our laboratory team, we are able to offer patients the most optimal embryos possible.  Aevitas' mission has always been to give fertility patients as many viable choices as we can as we work together to fulfil their dream of having a child.  The EmbryoScope+™ with IDAScore® is an exciting part of that journey.

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