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George Fertility Clinic

Aevitas Fertility Clinic in collaboration with George Fertility Clinic

With a philosophy to make quality fertility care widely available, George Fertility Clinic provides patients on the Garden Route with easy access to exceptional fertility care. With state-of-the-art facilities, our team journeys with patients to realise their dream of having a child.

Where to find us

George Fertility Clinic
4 Trefoil Square
Gloucester Avenue

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Aevitas Fertility Clinic treatment at George Clinic Aevitas Fertility Clinic treatment at George Clinic

Cost effective treatment available at George Fertility Clinic

Endoscopic Surgery
As a referral centre for gynaecological endoscopic surgery, we provide patients with sophisticated surgical solutions. If you have been struggling with pain, symptoms or have been diagnosed with a condition (such as endometriosis, fibroids, polyps, adhesions, recurrent miscarriages etc.,) that requires surgical care our team is here to help.
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Falling Pregnant
If having a child is a dream you are struggling to make a reality, then get in touch with our team today. We specialize in IVF and fertility treatments. Our team will journey with you in fulfilling your dream of having a child.
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Egg Freezing
You may want to preserve your fertility for personal reasons (if you are not ready to have a family right now) or for medical reasons. Fertility preservation is an import way to protect your dream of having a child in the future.
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Meet our team of fertility experts

Dr Danie Botha
Dr Botha is the Clinical Director at FEMBRYO and is a Gynaecologist and registered subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine and Endoscopic Surgery.
Dr. Douwe Vellema
Dr Douwe Vellema has been working to assist patients in their fertility journey through private practice, local and international conferences and research papers. He is passionate about the advances in fertility medicine.
Dr. Victor Hulme
Dr Victor Hulme, Aevitas Clinic Director, is passionate about IVF. Dr Hulme gets great satisfaction as a physician through the support and assistance he provides patients during their decision-making on the fertility journey.
Prof Thinus Kruger
Professor Thinus Kruger is the co-founder and partner of the Aevitas Fertility Clinic. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for cutting-edge fertility treatment, he finds great satisfaction in helping families to have the child they long for.

What our patients have to say

“Aevitas assisted us to realise our dreams. After 6 years of struggling and many tests and procedures we can finally give testament that we have received a double blessing as we are pregnant with twins.
All this was possible with the help of Aevitas’ wonderful personnel and doctors. Aevitas doctors and personnel went out of their way to assist us in realizing our family dream.
Thank you very much to the Aevitas team!”

“We have been struggling with infertility for 10 years. IVF was our last hope. We were very excited to have the opportunity to go through this journey in the comfort of our hometown, George.
Throughout the journey of IVF we have experienced overwhelming support, empathy, and kindness from our doctors, staff, embryologist, and especially our IVF coordinator Sr. A Mans.
She was undoubtedly our anchor and safe place to land with her endless care, professionalism, and patience with us. In the heartwarming journey of IVF, amidst the trials and triumphs, the overwhelming joy of the scan where we could see a heartbeat was an indescribable moment of hope and gratitude as we knew our dreams of becoming parents were finally coming true. We owe this miracle to the dedication and expertise of every role player throughout our journey.
Thank you for making an incredibly stressful and emotional time bearable.
Aevitas exceeded our highest expectations with the incredible medical care we received.”
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