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About Aevitas

Aevitas Fertility Clinic – Centre of Excellence in fertility, endometriosis, and endoscopic surgery

Aevitas Fertility Clinic offers cutting edge fertility treatment in the comfort of one of South Africa’s top private hospitals. We combine academic excellence with a cost-effective holistic approach.
Aevitas was co-founded by the pioneer of test tube babies, Prof Thinus Kruger. Over the last 35 years, Aevitas has assisted thousands of couples to conceive and realise their dreams.
What we offer:
  • Fertility treatment e.g. IVF
  • Sperm quality assessment e.g. semen analysis
  • Evidence based treatment and continuous research of conditions affecting fertility, such as PCOS and endometriosis
  • Endoscopic surgery to treat conditions affecting fertility e.g. endometriosis
  • Fertility preservation e.g. egg freezing
Aevitas has its own:
  • Vitrolife EmbryoScope+ with IDAScore technology - offering undisturbed embryo culture and monitoring with Artificial Intelligence.
  •  State-of-the-art day theater, which allows fertility treatment within the privacy of our own clinic (complicated procedures are performed in the main theater of Life Vincent Pallotti hospital).

More than just a fertility clinic

Under the umbrella of Aevitas Fertility Clinic, we offer the services of Aevitas Egg Bank and Aevitas Sperm Bank. Our banks allow, not only our patients, but patients receiving treatment across the world, access to a large variety of top-quality ethnically diverse donors.

Our purpose and ethical principles contribute towards our success as a world-class fertility clinic

The name Aevitas means “time of life”. Aevitas is here to guide you through this very precious time of your life, to help give you, the gift of life. We are here every step of the way.

Start Your Family with People Who Care

Why Choose Us

What do our patients say about us?

"It was a long journey, but all worth it. We cannot thank the Aevitas team enough for all the assistance and support over the years. You guys are the best!!!"

"It's a boy!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts... thank you for your endless support, reassurance and love that you have given us through the years and for always listening to my theories."

"Very grateful to the Aevitas team and planning to return for a sibling."

"We want to thank the Aevitas team for making our greatest dream come true!"

"We are so happy and overwhelmed... We would like to thank you and your team at Aevitas for helping us make our little miracle possible."

What has Aevitas accomplished?

Pioneer of Fertility Treatment in South Africa

Since 1983, Aevitas Fertility Clinic and –fertility specialists have proven to be pioneers in the field of fertility treatment in South Africa and Africa. Aevitas is dedicated to research and the treatment of human infertility.

  • 1st IVF baby in Africa (1984) Born at Tygerberg Hospital, under the leadership of Aevitas clinician, Prof Thinus Kruger.
  • Established sperm evaluation parameters (1986) Introduction of the Tygerberg strict criteria on sperm morphology to predict pregnancy outcome in IVF (1986), was established by Aevitas clinician, Prof Thinus Kruger. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recognised the Tygerberg strict criteria as international standard (1995) and as result it was published in WHO semen manual (2010).
  • 1st frozen embryo baby in Southern Africa (1989) Under the leadership of Aevitas Embryologist, Mrs Evelyn Erasmus.
  • 1st ICSI baby in South Africa (1995) Under the leadership of Aevitas Embryologist, Dr Marie-Lena Windt.
  • 1st blastocyst freezing baby in South Africa (2005) Under the leadership of Aevitas Embryologist, Dr Marie-Lena Windt.
  • 1st laser treatment of embryos in South Africa (2006) Under the leadership of Aevitas Embryologist, Mr Greg Tinney.
  • The only FDA accredited egg bank in Africa (2018)
  • Referral unit for oncofertility & fertility preservation
  • Referral unit for endometriosis and endoscopic surgery
  • Training unit for Stellenbosch University embryologists, reproductive specialists and post graduate students


  • HPCSA. Aevitas Fertility Clinic’s health personnel are registered with the Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA).
  • SASREG. Aevitas Fertility Clinic is accredited with the Southern African Society for Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecological Endoscopy (SASREG). Prof Igno Siebert serves as Honorary Treasurer of SASREG’s Executive Committee, of which Dr Victor Hulme and Dr Gerhard Hanekom serve as members.
  • ICMART Contributing Certificates. These certificates are awarded for clinic’s annual research contribution in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology:
  • ANARA Contributing Certificate. Data contribution towards Africa
  • ICMART Contributing Certificate. Global data contribution.
  • FDA. Certified anonymous egg donation programme, which includes the function of egg freezing (since 2018)
  • State of California Department of Public Health Tissue Bank License. Rewarded for oocyte from anonymous donors.
  • New York State Department of Health Tissue Bank License. Rewarded for oocyte from anonymous donors.

Research and academic achievements

A research and academic record spanning 35 years:
  • European Gynaelogical endoscopic training programme (Winners programme) initiated by Prof Igno Siebert. Dr Gerhard Hanekom is also actively involved in training gynaecologist in surgical procedures.
  • The continuous research that has been the cornerstone of Aevitas Fertility Clinic is reflected through the students that have been trained at this unit. Aevitas has produced numerous MSc and PhD students, as well as a DSc student. Furthermore, Aevitas acts as training unit for reproductive specialists and embryologists.
  • The Aevitas Fertility Clinic prides itself with more than 300 publications in international journals, as a result of work within the clinic. In addition to this, members of Aevitas have served as editors for 12 textbooks (including atlases).
  • Development and presentation of courses in semen analysis and sperm morphology for African Scientists (under the WHO umbrella), as well as other sperm morphology courses globally (Boston, USA; Belgium; Bern, Switzerland; Norfolk, Virginia, USA and Turkey).

We understand that our patients rely on us as doctors, scientists, and nursing staff. Despite our academic achievements, our priority is to give the best fertility care tailored to meet every patient’s individual needs.

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