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Egg Donation Process

How does the egg donation process work?

The process of egg donation comprises of the initial application steps, screening, stimulation and egg collection. 
Step 1:  Initial application and consent
Contact us . We will provide you with the necessary instructions for forms to be completed
Step 2: Screening
Aevitas has various donation programs. Once accepted you will be informed about the screening process to follow. At minimum screening will include:
  • Testing for infectious disease:
    • HIV
    • TPHA & RPR
    • Hepatitis B s Ag
    • Hep C Ab
    • Chlamydia Trachomatis
  • Blood Group
  • Fertility test (AMH) to check ovarian reserve
  • Physical examination
  • Psychological examination
Step 3: Stimulation
The egg donation process starts on day one of the menstruation cycle. If you are on contraception you need to inform the donor coordinator so it can be taken into account when planning your cycle. Stimulation through hormonal injections, start from day 3 or 4 of the menstrual cycle and continues for about 10 days. Our fertility nurses will give you careful guidance on how to administer these injections. The injections help the ova to develop in small 'sacs' called follicles.
Throughout the stimulation process you will be required to come in for 2 - 3 trans vaginal scans to measure follicle growth. These are short 15min appointments and usually takes place in the mornings.
Step 4: Egg collection
Egg collection is done in the day theatre at Aevitas Fertility Clinic. This is a 15min painless procedure under light sedation, where the eggs are collected using a vaginal ultrasound and a fine needle. In our recovery ward, you will enjoy a cup of tea and a delicious sandwhich. Two hours after the procedure you will be discharged. Someone will need to fetch you from the clinic and take you home for some much deserved rest and recovery. Experiencing some light cramps, bloating and feeling sleepy after the procedure is normal. Should you need a letter for sick leave, this can be arranged.  
Potential side effects of egg donation

Side effects associated with follicle stimulation:

The side effects associated with follicle stimulation, are similar to those you commonly feel during your normal menstrual cycle, although they may be a bit more noticeable due to the increased hormone levels.

  • The most common side effects are tiredness and bloating. However, drinking a lot of water helps to minimise any discomfort.
  • Less common are cramping, nausea and headaches. A donor may experience abdominal discomfort as their ovaries enlarge. If you exercise, it is recommended that you limit activities that jar your ovaries or put them at risk of twisting on themselves.

Side effects following follicle aspiration:

  • The most common side effect following follicle aspiration is cramping. The cramping is mild and similar to regular menstrual cramps and should subside after one day. Your regular period should occur 7 to 10 days after follicle aspiration.
  • Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome (OHSS) is a very rare side effect that can be prevented. OHSS occurs when the ovaries become hyper stimulated due to the increased hormones and then begin to secrete fluid into the abdomen. The treatment for OHSS is observation, rest and intravenous fluids. OHSS usually resolves spontaneously one week after follicle aspiration.

*From the time you commence follicle stimulation until you get your next period, you will be highly fertile and if sexually active, you must use a non-hormonal form of birth control like condoms or abstinence to avoid pregnancy.

Interested in becoming an Aevitas egg donor?

Should you be interested in becoming an egg donor, please contact our Egg Donor Coordinator or complete the form below
Sr. Tersia Fourie
Tel: +27 21 531 6999
Mobile: +27 71 236 6565
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