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About Egg Donation

Interested in becoming an egg donor?

Aevitas is always on the lookout for bright, diverse young women willing to give the precious gift of life through egg donation.

An egg donor is a healthy young woman willing to donate some of her own eggs to intended parents, who are struggling to fall pregnant. Egg donors donate their eggs, in instances where the intended mother cannot produce good quality eggs for fertilisation. After the donor has undergone egg retrieval, the donor eggs are fertilised through IVF with either the partner's sperm or donor sperm. Through fertilisation an embryo forms and is placed back into the intended mother's womb.

Through becoming an egg donor, you are giving infertile couples the precious gift of a family.
Egg bank Donor Program | Aevitas Clinic

Who can apply to become an egg donor?
Young ladies as egg donorsAge: Ladies between the age of 19 and 32 years

Education requirments for egg donorsEducation: minimum Grade 12

BMI requirements for egg donorsBMI: less than 30

Lifestyle of egg donorsSmoking: non-smokers

Healthy lifestyle of egg donorsDrugs and alcohol: no addictions or abuse

Why choose Aevitas as my egg donation destination?
Receiving a gift
A donor is not paid for her ova, instead she is compensated for her time, effort and costs incurred during the donation. South African Medical Ethics committee guidelines for compensation, is currently R 7000.

Multiple donations
You are allowed to donate more than once. South African guidelines allow donors to donate 6 times, or until donation has resulted in 6 live births (whichever comes first).

Time saving
If you are selected to donate for our egg bank, you can donate as soon as you qualify. Eliminating the waiting period of being matched and sychronising of cycles between the donor and recipient.

Free medical information
At minimum, screening will include infectious disease testing, doctor consultation, fertility testing and psychological screening. Screening may also include criminal record checks, psychometric testing and genetic testing. All of these tests are performed free of charge and you walk away with crucial medical information about yourself.

Quality treatment & facility assured
Our FDA accredited egg donation program, ensures a high standard of treatment and expertise when you walk through our doors.

Giving a gift
Aevitas slogan reads 'Start Your Family With People Who Care'. When you join Aevitas as an egg donor, you partake in that slogan as much as we do and together we make dreams come true.

How to apply
Should you be interested in becoming an egg donor, please contact our Egg Donor Coordinator:
Sr. Tersia Fourie
Tel: +27 21 531 6999
Mobile: +27 71 236 6565

Or complete the form to request more information

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Become an Egg Donor
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